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The use of video is a wondrous thing - and especially more so now than ever before - in the B2B marketing world where video marketing is an absolute MUST.

Over the years in my role as a Marketing Manager, firstly within logistics, then moving into professional services for the construction industry, I have worked with large, professional film crews. We have gone out on location in the UK and across EMEA and spent many a day in a warehouse or at an airport, in the rain and wind, or the boiling hot sun, with logo boards and freshly washed and pressed uniforms, ever-trying to get that perfect shot, as I am sure many of you have as well.

Ten years later and in the sales pipeline generation industry, the crew has reduced in numbers, the video cameras are smaller and the cost to produce a video has dramatically declined. So too the platform in which the video is viewed has changed. I remember when we use to crowd round a desk in the office to view our final edit on the PC, excited with anticipation, but also fear – what if it doesn’t convey our key messages? What if the branding is all wrong? What if the wording needs updating? There were so many variables, what could possibly go wrong…everything!

Fortunately, today it is so much easier to produce and edit video. Whether that is simply using your mobile phone or even a local video production agency from down the road... it is so much more do-able, speedier and cheaper too!

But, why rely so much on the use of video?

The answer is simple – it helps generate sales opportunities and increase brand awareness.

According to Wyzowl, 87% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool and 91% of video marketers consider video an important part of their marketing strategy for 2019.

The thing with video in my role today, is that it is so flexible and by that I mean there are so many different uses.

At IRSMarketing, we started off initially interviewing key members of staff on topics including strategy, client engagement, team and training. We then quickly diverged into video animation to demonstrate our company overview and service offering, and today our latest editions are short talking-head videos. We hope that the videos we produce provide our clients and prospects with a positive ‘window’ into the B2B marketing agency that we are!

There are obviously more uses of video that we haven’t yet explored – presentations, live streaming, demos, service reviews, client testimonials, but this will happen, and it will happen soon I am very sure of this.

What are the benefits? The benefits are wide and varied...

1. The ability to convey the company personality - the fun and vibrant working environment and the friendly but ever-professional staff.

2. The human touch – the people in the videos all work here and know their stuff. Just pop in next time you are passing, and you will more than likely meet them walking round the office!

3. The services we offer – whether that’s a general overview or a more detailed approach. There’s one thing reading about our services online, but a video brings it to life and adds relevancy for our clients.

4. The brand – it brings our brand alive and to be fair, it is more appealing to watch a video than reading company blogs, case studies or white papers!

5. The ROMI – we can demonstrate through video the Return on Marketing Investment we provide to our clients with examples and explore facts and insights.

6. The demand generation tool - video hits the target time and time again, building up an image of the company, the people who work here and the services we offer. The important thing is to have a ‘Call to action’ at the end of the video (e.g. check us out on social media, see our website, call us now etc.).

7. The viral-ability of video – without having to do too much to promote it, your video can and will naturally go ‘viral’ and search engines love them!

For us, the next real opportunity is to explore using video across our social media platforms. This is an exciting time and something we can’t wait to do. We’ll be busy watching our views and subscriptions in the hope that we are hitting the right mark!

To be one of the first to see our videos, why not Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Like/Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and leave a Comment?

Michelle Grupp
Marketing Manager, IRSMarketing

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