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CRM is officially the largest software sector. Are you getting your share?

It's official! Gartner reports that CRM is growing the fastest and is the largest single software market worldwide. Are you keeping pace with that high growth?

Your CRM solutions are designed to gain customers and enhance the customer experience. You have a strong customer base, but gaining NEW customers continues to be hard work.

At IRS, Europe’s leading sales generation agency, we’re experts in generating NEW sales pipeline for CRM solutions vendors, targeting a range of areas such as Lead Management, Voice of the Customer and Field Service Management.

With a unique joined-up approach to new business marketing, IRS’s focus is on:

  • identifying the right CRM buyers and influencers, and
  • engaging with them in an accelerated process using digital, social (LinkedIn), tele and database marketing tools
  • scheduling high-level meetings for your sales team.

We recognise that CRM is a highly competitive space and that speed-to-market is essential and that quality of new customer engagement is paramount. No time to lose!

Get in touch with IRS now for more information on how we canhelp fill your sales pipeline.

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