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Attitude is Everything

IRSMarketing is not about a bunch of people making phone calls in order to tick boxes. We are the front end of our customers’ sales process.

A few years ago, I was asked to interview, and make the final decision on, the final two shortlisted candidates for an important role we needed to fill.

The first candidate I saw had a very impressive resume, technical qualifications and experience that ticked every box, and had that been my only consideration would have easily been my first choice. The second candidate had far less qualification, and far less experience, but was offered the role.

After spending around an hour with the first candidate they had convinced me that they could deliver what was needed if everyone else played their part, and everything went smoothly to plan.

The second candidate simply blew me away.

Here was someone who was prepared to take ownership and responsibility, no matter what. A potent combination of commitment, enthusiasm, and confidence, someone who was totally committed to finding a way to get things done no matter what.

So, how does that fit in with what we do at IRSMarketing?

IRSMarketing is not about a bunch of people making phone calls in order to tick boxes.

We are the front end of our customers’ sales process.

Our customers have business plans based around sales targets, their future growth and job security depends on targets being met. Things don’t always go the way we want, people are too busy to take calls, they’re on holiday, and in many cases these days switchboards are closed, and our target contacts are working from home.

It would be easy to blame circumstances for not being able to deliver what our clients expect but that is nothing more than an easy way out.

It is our responsibility to find a way to get what we need; our clients depend on us to do that. Of course, it’s not easy, if it were then clients would be doing it themselves. Our clients depend on us to generate demand for their products and services, to build and nurture solid sales pipelines, and deliver a positive return on their marketing investment (ROMI).

As individuals we need to take ownership and responsibility to ensure that happens.

Attitude is everything and we should think like our customers, because for that short period of time at the start of the sales process we are the customer, and the question we should all be asking ourselves is - if I was writing the cheque for the effort and work I’ve done would I be happy to sign it and hand it over.

By Steve Reeves

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