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White Papers

Why sales is like dating

Here's our guide from our CEO Iain Borrowman: How treating your prospects like a first date will positively impact on your sales pipeline…


Marketing Success through Marginal Gains - A Guide

As a marketer, how do you apply Marginal Gains to your daily work? Read this guide from IRSMarketing to find out!


No Train, No Gain

Training of our people comes in all shapes. From management, project and tech training to communications, social media and telemarketing training. Read IRSMarketing's white paper to discover more.


Strategy - a dirty word?

Can we achieve “great endeavours” without strategy? Are Action-men taking over the marketing department to the detriment of strategy? Paul Stewart argues that the need for good strategy is even greater in these uncertain times.


We are what we measure

Many have been the surveys that report on what a company expects of its Marketing Department, what outputs the senior management truly value. Top of the list come Brand Visibility, Sales Generation, Brand Leadership. In most boardrooms, there is the desire to maximise the financial return that marketing generates. Marketers call it ROMI, the return on marketing investment.


5 steps to get your Sales Pipeline motoring

The pipeline is the engine of your business, and it’s primed and oiled by your sales team. A streamlined and high-performing pipeline means hitting targets and making money


Creating Pipeline Value

Most sales leaders are obsessed with the sales pipeline. Quite rightly, they review it weekly, push their sales teams to keep it fat, and trust they have enough to make their sales number. They also typically place on marketing the imperative of generating leads to fill the pipeline. We need 20 leads per month, you know the score.


All Roads Lead to ROMI

Marketing used to be just a cost, remember? We used words like spend, cost, price. OK, we still talk old-speak sometimes, but even in these days of cost-cutting, we think more about investment than cost. We think more about the return on our marketing investment (ROMI) than about the absolute spend. And if we don’t, we should.


Quality with a Passion - A word from the Boardroom

Although ‘I believe in quality’ can sound like ‘I enjoy reading’ at an interview, in IRS’s case we really mean it, we are passionate about quality. First, let me talk about passion. IRS is a demand generation organisation, and companies like ours don’t often talk about passion, let alone about our work. In the case of IRS, I’m told, because we do passion, we’re a bit different. Then, what makes us so committed?


Sales Enablement

Back in the day, the dominant feeling in sales for marketing was benign tolerance, and that was on a good day. If a request was made to sales for action or accountability, a rye smile would dismiss the concept.


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