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3 APRIL 2018

Say ‘goodbye’ to IRSDirect and say a big ‘hello’ to irsmarketing!

IRSDirect, the leading B2B marketing agency, completes a successful rebrand from IRSDirect to irsmarketing!

The transition to irsmarketing mirrors a more marketing-focused approach to the business of creating new customers for its long-standing clients, including the biggest names in the global tech world, IBM, Xerox, Infosys and SAS. irsmarketing combines historic direct marketing techniques with new, ground-breaking digital and social marketing to help its clients win out in an increasingly hyperactive and competitive marketplace. Continuing on its growth path, irsmarketing will expand in 2018 into new territories within Europe and beyond.

Plus ca change…the more the market changes, the more it stays the same.

Paul Stewart, irsmarketing Chairman: “Too many marketers expect too much from new marketing technology whizz-bang on its own. As with all innovation, the secret is to combine the best of the old with the new. Not all old is bad, not all new is a panacea. At irsmarketing, we’ve joined-up tried and tested techniques with smart new tools to achieve outstanding results for our clients. This rebrand is a recognition of that change in the market.”

About IRSMarketing
irsmarketing is Europe’s leading technology sales generation marketing agency, with offices in UK and Dublin, as well as New York. For over 25 years, irsmarketing has worked for the great and good of the technology world to open up new markets, identify and nurture potential buyers and create customers and new revenue streams for its clients’ portfolios. Now, from a platform of outstanding growth, irsmarketing is looking to expand within Europe and into the USA to bring its vision of ‘joined-up marketing’ to new clients worldwide.

Contact details:
Michelle Reeve, Marketing Manager
irsmarketing ltd, March House, Murdock Road, Bicester, Oxon 01869 321800

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