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News Releases

Stay up-to-date with the very latest IRS news.


7 February 2019

Berna Cody is Promoted To Campaign Delivery Manager

IRSMarketing, the leading B2B sales pipeline generation agency, is pleased to announce the promotion of Berna Cody to Campaign Delivery Manager (CDM).

Berna rejoined IRS in December 2017, as a Team Leader, having spent 4 years away working in IT sales. Since her return, she has demonstrated exceptional skills in generating new sales pipeline for global IT client accounts.

In her new role, Berna will be responsible for overseeing several large IT accounts on behalf of the company. Berna has excellent people management skills and has risen to the challenge of getting the best results for our clients every time.

Berna has a Masters in Urban Design, and is a keen photographer in her spare time.

“This promotion is fantastic news for me and very exciting, too! I look forward to working closely on our client accounts and adding value to such a dynamic team here at IRS,” said Berna.



23rd January 2019

Pete Trickett is promoted to Campaign Delivery Manager

IRSMarketing, the leading B2B sales pipeline generation agency, has promoted Pete Trickett to Campaign Delivery Manager (CDM).

In his previous role as an IRS Team Leader, Pete gained lots of experience to prepare him for the demanding, yet at the same time, exciting role of CDM.

Pete has a wealth of management experience, gained across a range of sectors that has enabled him to not only understand the needs of the buyers in the global tech industry, but also share this insight with his colleagues to ensure that our clients’ needs are continuously exceeded.

Pete said: “This is such as fantastic and exciting role for me at IRS, although, a huge challenge as well. I look forward to being able to add value for our clients in everything that we do.”



18 January 2019

IRSMarketing promotes Samantha Pullen to Training Manager

IRSMarketing, the leading B2B sales pipeline generation agency, has promoted Samantha Pullen to the role of Training Manager.

In this role, Samantha will be responsible for all aspects of our training, working to enhance the skills of our team members, through regular reviews, tailored support and on-going development. In addition, she will also be responsible for ensuring our training materials meet the highest standards.

Samantha is passionate about her role and says, “I aim to help our BDE’s to understand that the role can be exciting and fun, yet professional at the same time. And, when carried out with exceptional skill and technique, it gets the results our clients desire. We have a great mixture of personalities and cultures, but ultimately, we share the same goal to be the best.”



14 January 2019

Jack Griffin becomes an IRSMarketing Team Leader

IRSMarketing, the leading B2B sales pipeline generation agency, has promoted Jack Griffin to Team Leader.

Jack joined IRS in October 2017, as a Business Development Executive (BDE), generating quantifiable pipeline for one of our key clients. Since July last year, Jack has been involved in the Team Leader training scheme and today, following lots of hard work and dedication, he is ready to take the next step.

During his training period, Jack received additional support and training from both our Operations Manager and his Campaign Delivery Manager, which have helped to develop his people and time management skills, as well as his understanding of the management reporting process.

In his new role, Jack will be responsible for working with and motivating his fellow team members and overseeing their day-to-day activities.

Jack said: “I am very excited about this promotion and the journey ahead. The faith that the company has shown in me gives me the drive to succeed in this role and motivates me to continue to provide great results for our clients.”


20 June 2018

IRSMarketing promotes Lorna Kirk to Campaign Delivery Manager

IRSMarketing, the leading B2B marketing agency, has promoted Lorna Kirk to Campaign Delivery Manager (CDM).

Lorna, who started her career in the financial services industry and telemarketing, joined IRS in the spring of 2016 as a Business Development Executive. Lorna has gone on to successfully complete an extensive internal training programme in preparation for her new role and brings a wealth of technical and marketing experience.

Lorna said: “I am very excited about my new role within IRS. I can’t wait to get involved in all the varied activities and tasks of a CDM!”


3 APRIL 2018

Say ‘goodbye’ to IRSDirect and say a big ‘hello’ to irsmarketing!

IRSDirect, the leading B2B marketing agency, completes a successful rebrand from IRSDirect to irsmarketing!

The transition to irsmarketing mirrors a more marketing-focused approach to the business of creating new customers for its long-standing clients, including the biggest names in the global tech world, IBM, Xerox, Infosys and SAS. irsmarketing combines historic direct marketing techniques with new, ground-breaking digital and social marketing to help its clients win out in an increasingly hyperactive and competitive marketplace. Continuing on its growth path, irsmarketing will expand in 2018 into new territories within Europe and beyond.

Plus ca change…the more the market changes, the more it stays the same.

Paul Stewart, irsmarketing Chairman: “Too many marketers expect too much from new marketing technology whizz-bang on its own. As with all innovation, the secret is to combine the best of the old with the new. Not all old is bad, not all new is a panacea. At irsmarketing, we’ve joined-up tried and tested techniques with smart new tools to achieve outstanding results for our clients. This rebrand is a recognition of that change in the market.”


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